What Skills Do Dentists Require?

Do you have a passion for teeth and oral hygiene? Fancy yourself as a dentist or an orthodontist? Well if so then beyond amassing the correct qualifications that you will need for this position, you will also need to ensure that you have the right skills for the job. To find out exactly what skills you will need, I had a chat with successful orthodontist Sutton Bradley, to see what his perspective was on the characteristics which someone needs in order to not only become a dentist, but to become a successful dentist, let’s have a look at what he said.


The biggest skill or attribute that you are going to need is of course passion. There is no way that you would go through the years of training and then wake up every day and feel inspired to work if you were not passionate about your patients having a great smile and healthy gums.


Dentistry involves a great deal of patience, not just because of the time that the teeth take to move, but one must also be patient with the patients that come into the surgery, to ensure that they feel as comfortable as possible.


Going to the dentist is not everyone’s idea of a good time so there is a great deal fo onus on the dentist to keep things like hearted and to have a bit of a chat with the clients. With this in mind it is highly important that the dentist is likable and happy to have a chat with the patient.


It is no surprise that a great many people despise going to the dentist and some even have panic attacks before or during their visit. With this in mind, it is crucial that a dentist has the ability to spot someone like this, and work with them to keep them calm and comfortable. Of course the dentist ill still need to carry out the procedure on the patient, which is why it is a key skill to be ablate keep them calm, and still perform a check up or any work which needs to be done.


As with many branches of medicine we are learning new things each and every day about dentistry, and learning new ways and new procedures that can improve oral health. With this in mind a great dentist should always have their finger on the pulse of new treatments or methods, and be ready to learn about them and implement them in his or her surgery.

Business Minded

Because of the way that dentists are ran, it makes sense for a dentist to have a business brain, in order to best manage the place. The health of the patients will of course always come first, but dentists should also be aware of what the budget is and how well they are managing it.

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