Keeping Up Appearances

The cult of celebrity that now surrounds us has people always on the look -out for new ways to improve the way they look. The most common improvements that people usually go for are cosmetic procedures usually starting with tooth whitening or straightening. These can range from fairly non-invasive treatments such as simply applying a whitening solution that slowly brings back that bright smile to having teeth replaced with bright white porcelain teeth sat on implants which requires a minor surgical procedure don under local anesthetic.

Most people however go for more superficial treatments that will repair damaged or wrinkled skin. Wrinkles can be caused a number of ways. Unfortunately the most common cause of wrinkles on the skin and especially the face is ultra-violet radiation from the sun which sometimes we just can’t avoid. What we can do though to try to minimize the effect is to use a high factor level cream to protect ourselves. Although the sun is the major factor concerning wrinkles there are other contributors to us looking older than we actually are. One of these is smoking as it increases the aging process by limiting and varying the supply of blood to your skin and another that you may not be able to do much about is the repetition of various facial expressions like frowning a lot or squinting your eyes.

If you do have a lot of wrinkles on your face then there are a number of options open to you. One of the more well known as a course of action is Botox. This simple procedure just involves the injection of a serum around the affected area. Another option though and not to be confused with Botox are dermal fillers. These work in a similar way and still involve an injection but they give a much cleaner appearance and can be used not only for wrinkles but a number of other uses such as filling out the shape of your cheeks to give the impression of raised cheekbones. They can even be used to alleviate the prominence of facial scars from acne or other skin irritations. Depending on the area used, dermal fillers might last betwwen six to twenty four months.  

If you are interested in getting rid of those wrinkles with dermal fillers Cornwall has some of the best cosmetic clinics around.

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