What Characteristics do You Need to Be a Dentist?

What career would you like to do when you have finished your education? A tricky question for sure and one which very few of us are sure about. Here at Fitness25Body we thought we would take a look into some healthcare jobs, and look at what it takes to be successful in a career within health. Today we are going to focus on that of a dentist, and what characteristics you will need if this is a field of healthcare that you would like to go into. We spoke to a great orthodontist Stroud-based like myself, to find out a little bit more.


To be successful as a dentist you must have passion for teeth and all things oral, without this you will not be able to achieve the position, and even if you do you will not be happy in your job. Consider just how many mouths you will be looking at each week, you simply cannot do this effectively if you don’t love what you do.


Within this line of work you will have many patients who are very scared, as well as a great many children who simply do not like going to the dentist. For this reason you must have a comforting nature about you, and work in a way that can put people at ease. Dentists are very scary places for many people, so you must ensure that you are doing all that you can to keep your patients calm.

Team Player

More often than not you will be working regularly with just one or two people in this job role, so you must understand how to work with others, and how to form part of a team. This is highly important not only so that you get what you want from your dental nurses, but also so that they too enjoy working with you.

Detailed Orientated

In this line of work you must pay close attention to the details, as this is where you will be doing most of your work. There is not a lot of surface area in the mouth and many problems can easily stay hidden behind teeth or inside gums. Through your attention to detail you will be able to spot, diagnose and treat far more effectively if you are a stickler for the details.


Empathy is a requirement in a great many medical positions, and especially so in that of a dentist. If someone has an issue with their teeth, it can often impact their confidence and their self-esteem, and you need to understand that when recommending treatment. You must understand what other people are going through with their teeth, and be on hand to not only help them to treat whatever issues that they have, but also do so in a way that shows them that you understand.

Do you have these characteristics? Why don’t you look into a career in dentistry!

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