Why Investing in Cosmetic Dental Surgery Is Worth Every Penny

For many years I absolutely loathed my teeth, the way they grew, their shape and also their color. For many years I also spent time considering whether or not I should invest in my smile, and pay for some cosmetic dental surgery. Over the last decade I have spent quite a bit of money on my smile with a number of procedures, and I absolutely love the results. If you have been looking at places like a Harley Street dentist, unsure as to whether or not you should spend the money on your teeth, here is exactly why I think that you should.


I cannot tell you just how much my confidence has grown since I decided to invest in my teeth, and have them fixed, altered and whitened. I used to be that person that covered her face when laughing, conscious of trying to speak without opening my lips, and hiding at the back of photographs hoping that nobody would see me. I never realized the impact which this had on my confidence, until I actually got my teeth fixed. After having my veneers put in, I couldn’t wait to talk to people, smile and laugh, and show off my new shiny teeth. The result of this was a huge confidence boost which has helped me in all aspects of my life.


Unlike in the past, these days when you spend money on cosmetic dental procedures, they are made to last. For example veneers in the early 90s used to last around 10 years before they would need to be replaced, these days that can be as much as 40 years. The procedures and the materials which dental professionals now use are far better than they ever have been, and this means that the money which you spend will really last you well.


Something which I am sure nobody will admit to, although I’m sure almost everyone does it, is that you are treated differently when you have a great smile. I can attest to this completely that since my smile has changed, so have the attitudes of the people that I talk to. At first I thought I was being crazy thinking that people acted differently towards me than before me teeth got fixed, but after a longer amount of time of it happening, I can definitely say that people are nicer, and more inclined to help you, if you have a great smile.

Less Problems

Because of the fact that you have invested money into your teeth, you will find yourself far more determined to look after them than ever before. Naturally this helps your teeth look great, but the additional care and attention also means that you are very unlikely to have any issues with your teeth or gums for a long time. I used to care for my teeth before, but never as much as I do right now.

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