Are we getting too internetified?

These days you can’t take a step without anyone everyone else knowing about it. Next time you’re waiting for a bus or train, instead of staring your phone all the time, close it for a moment, and look around, look at other people, look what they are doing, look what they are doing differently than you. If you’re lucky, you’ll see a difference. But chances are that everyone are staring at their phones, typing something somewhere for some reason, sharing, liking, doing the exact same things that you were doing just a moment ago. The question is, are we getting too addicted to our tech toys?

Phone is one thing, but lately smartwatches of different sorts are becoming more and more popular as well. I have a number of friends who wear their smartwatch all the time, and when we go out for a beer, they feel the need to share that they are 2000 steps away from their daily 10000 step goal. Or some people have actually managed to do 15k. That’s all good. But do we really need the tracker to tell us if we have walked enough? Do we really? If you haven’t gone out today and all you’ve been doing is sitting in your chair or laying on your bed, wouldn’t you know without the tracker that you’ve done too little when it comes to any kind of exercise? You can easily tell from how you feel whether you have done enough exercise today, whether you have walked around enough today, or not. You don’t need a tracker for that. You really don’t.

Recently a friend of mine told me that now she got herself a sleep monitor because she said she had really not been sleeping well. After a few days she showed me the sleeping tracker and said, see, only like 90 minutes average sleep per night. Which confirmed her feeling that she’s not sleeping enough. Although I had to break her bubble as the tracker was showing REM sleep and 90 minutes of that during a night is good enough. But that doesn’t matter. The main thing is, if you’re feeling you’re not sleeping well, you’re probably not. You don’t need a tracker for that.

Same goes for run trackers, calorie counters, and everything else. Yes, sometimes it’s nice to know the info for…whatever reason, but in most cases you really don’t need it. Internet is for work, entertainment, and why not checking the numbers of powerball online. But we shouldn’t be connected all of the time for anything we do. That’s simply too much.

Care to disagree?

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