5 Signs You Need to Go on a Road Trip


Life is busy. You have a lot of work, a lot to do, and you’re feeling overwhelmed. You start reminiscing on times gone by when you traveled in a campervan hire Australia. Road trips are what you love, and you miss the freedom of driving down the open road.


As many responsibilities as you may have, a road trip in a campervan hire Australia is always a good idea. You may be struggling with your desire to have everything stable and in place and your love for getting to know new places. It’s normal to want to move forward and achieve, but taking some time off is always a good idea.


While no one can tell you what to do, there are certainly tell-tale signs that you may need to get out there and start traveling once again. The following 5 signs are just some of the ways that you may realize that a road trip should be in the works:

1. You see pictures of your friends traveling and you “can’t even” with the envy.

While no one’s life is as amazing as it looks on social media, you may notice that your friends who are traveling look happy. It may very well be true. Sure, they may only post the good times and you miss out on the rough moments, but either way, you want to feel the joy of traveling again. Every time that you see one of those pictures, you keep getting closer and closer to jumping in a camper and driving away. You may very well need to.

2. You are feeling overwhelmed and irritable with every little thing.

Your life is good. You can’t complain, but for some reason everything gets on your nerves. From the stress at work to the little issues at home, you feel at the edge of a nervous breakdown. You can’t see the forest for all the trees. Yes, this could be a sign that you need to get out on the road once again.

3. You haven’t spent time with loved ones, friends, or your children in recent months.

You’ve been working hard, but your family and friends have felt it. You haven’t had any time to spend with them and you are starting to miss them. Maybe it’s the moment to consider a family or friend road trip where you can all bond together, away from the stress of everyday life. A road trip together is a fabulous way to reconnect.

4. You don’t remember the last time that you took time for you. 

Perhaps you have the opposite issue of the one mentioned above.  You are doing everything for everyone that you have forgotten to do something for you. Maybe what would be best is that you treat yourself to a road trip to a favorite destination. Whether you love surfing, or you love mountains, a road trip to get back to you could be just what you need. You may feel guilty about getting away alone at first, especially if you have a family, but once they see you return happier and healthier, they will understand why you did it. If you can take the time to have some “you time,” then do it. Your personal sanity is worth it.

5. You have personal situations that are just getting worse and you don’t know how to fix them. 

Whether you are going through a break up or divorce or have recently been let go, you could be going through some tough situations in your everyday life. You may have been looking for solutions but can’t seem to find them. If this is your scenario, you could very well benefit from time on the open road. There is nothing as great for perspective like traveling. Whether you go far away for a long time or simply escape for the weekend, you are bound to come back feeling better and with solutions to your problems.


It can be a challenge to set aside time for a road trip. Everyone has goals and traveling can interrupt you reaching them. Yet sometimes traveling is just what you need to actually do what you are meant to.


Whether you have been feeling stressed or haven’t been able to see the bigger picture, it may be time to consider going on a road trip. Everyone has ideas of places that they want to see if given the opportunity. You’re bound to have a couple of favorite spots that you love visiting or that you want to see.


As you consider a road trip in a campervan hire Australia, consider all the ways that it could be good for you. While yes, there may be some challenges and preparation to worry about, the results are sure to make a difference in your life. Don’t overthink it. Enjoy it. Happy traveling!


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