Natural Varicose Vein Treatment At Home: One Major Problem

If you are searching for natural varicose vein treatment, you have one major problem! Unless you happen to be a nerdy scientist type, or perhaps a tech wizard who likes to buy old medical equipment to play with at auctions, then you probably don’t own a dopper ultrasound machine! Moreover, even if you are in this 0.00000001 percent of the population, and you actually hav a doppler ultrasound machine hidden away in the basement, you likely don’t know how to accurately interpret the results from one of these machines even if you’ve somehow figured out how to operate the thing!

Doppler ultrasound tests are standard operating procedure in all varicose vein treatment centers! Without this test, it is impossible to know the extent of your varicose vein problem and the actual nature of the problem. This is why attempting to treat varicose veins at home doesn’t actually work. It’s simply not like using clove oil to treat a tooth infection or apple cider vinegar to treat a mild case of acid reflux. In order to treat varicose veins, you have to actually diagnose the problem from the inside.

When a new patient arrives in a varicose vein treatment clinic, he or she is almost always given an ultrasound test right away before anything else is done, except perhaps a cursory visual examination. This is because most varicose veins cannot be seen from the outside of the skin! A reputable vein doctor will want his or her patient to have a complete doppler ultrasound test performed before he or she even begins to recommend the type(s) of varicose vein treatment needed to rectify the problem.

While some varicose veins can be seen on the surface of the skin, these are often like the proverbial tip of the iceberg. Most of the serious varicose vein conditions occur deep under the skin where the varicose veins cannot be seen unless a doppler ultrasound test is performed. This test gives a view of the inside of your veins, including the vein walls and the vein valves. It also shows in real time the flow of your blood through your veins. 

As the flow of the blood is followed and mapped, the speed of flow can be measured and the direction of flow can be detected. This determines whether or not there is any sign of venous reflux (backward, abnormal, flow of blood) and it can pinpoint the exact vein valve that is causing the venous reflux. The location of this valve, and the portion of the vein it serves, will be a major factor in the type of varicose vein treatment(s) your doctor recommends. You can always ask to be shown the evidence for vein reflux before you leave the varicose vein treatment center and before you make your decision as to whether or not to receive the recommended treatment(s).

If you are lucky enough to have a friendly vein doctor and an accommodating technician when you have a doppler ultrasound performed, you will be able to see on the screen everything they see. Warning: it’s kind of a “spooky place” if you’ve never seen it before, almost like exploring the secret chambers of a dark haunted house. If you’ve ever viewed a graphic relief map online, and zoomed in and out, and roamed around the 3D map looking for landmarks, you’ll have some idea of what to expect to see during a doppler ultrasound test at a varicose vein treatment center. Keep in mind though, that you’ll be looking at the inside of your own veins! For some people, that’s the most fascinating thing they’ve ever seen. For others, it’s a view that totally grosses them out!

During many types of clinical varicose vein treatment, your vein doctor will actually use doppler ultrasound during the treatment. This helps him or her guide their tools of the trade. So, for example, if they are using foamed sclerotherapy to ablate a non-functioning vein, they can use doppler ultrasound to make sure the foamed sclerosant only goes in the portion of the vein they want to ablate. The same is true if they are using a “guided” microlaser. At this point in the varicose vein treatment process, you may be better off to just close your eyes and relax.

There’s also another major problem when trying to treat varicose veins naturally. Once a vein valve has gone bad, or a vein wall is damaged, home remedies, or even prescription medications for that matter, are not going to repair these structures to the degree that will make the varicose vein fully operational again and will not continue to cause damage to other nearby veins and valves. However, it’s okay to take home remedies like orange peel flavonoids and horse chestnut supplements to help prevent further varicose veins, as long as you have realistic expectations of what these natural remedies for varicose veins can actually do for you. In addition to this, it’s important that you always get a doppler ultrasound and seek medical advice from a varicose vein treatment center when dealing with varicose veins.

For a free evaluation of your veins, Google “Metro Vein Centers” online. Once you find their website, check out their locations to find the nearest location to your home, or perhaps a location where you plan to travel to within the next few months. Metro Vein Centers is one of the top varicose vein treatment centers in the country. You can call them directly to set up the appointment. You do not need your general physician to recommend treatment and you do not need approval from your insurance company because the initial evaluation is free!

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