5 Activities for Animal Lovers in England

If you love animals and are traveling through England, you’re in luck. England has some amazing activities for animal lovers of all ages. Here are 5 to check out:

Knowsley Safari Experience This animal reserve is home to all kinds of animals including elephants, giraffes, lions, tigers and baboons, to name a few. It’s located in Knowsley bourough, just on the outskirts of Liverpool. What differentiates this place from a zoo is that visitors can see the animals in a wilder habitat, from a train that runs through the park. The park also contributes to conservation efforts and research that goes to help the animals. If you’re flying in to Liverpool then make sure you book a Liverpool airport transfer to make things easy and comfortable.

Pensthorpe Wildlife and Gardens This idyllic spot is an adventure for nature and animal lovers alike. It combines winding nature trails, peaceful forest walks and diverse wildlife in natural habitats. Walking through this park, you’ll experience a wide range of native and rare birds, plants, and other animals. The park works to protect their species and contributes to conservation efforts so you’ll know you’re partaking in a good cause. You can take a guided tour for a full experience of the park, or just choose to wander on your own.


Horse Races at Kempton Park If you like the idea of getting excited for a sports event, head to Kempton Park- one of the UK’s busiest and most exciting racecourses. Witness the strength and speed of the racehorses as you partake in the incredible facilities. Kempton Park has a mesmerizing panoramic restaurant, private boxes to watch the races, space for corporate entertainment…and the list goes on.


London Zoo If you’re in London and love animals, what better place to experience them than at the oldest zoo in the world? It’s got over 12,000 animals to see, various regions like Africa and Asia where you can experience monkeys, elephants, gorillas and so much more. The Zoo is a fantastic place to spend a day with the kids, and it’s included in the London Pass, a great way to see many of London’s attractions at a better price.

Africa Alive Up in Suffolk is a place where Africa comes to life. Almost any African animal you can think of is wandering the grounds, from zebras to giraffes and all others. Expert animal handlers give talks on everything from caring for these animals to what it’s like to work at a zoo. They even have Experience Days where you can join the handlers to see what it’s like taking care of these majestic creatures.

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