Your body overhaul in 2018: the healthy you

It’s on most people’s to do list, but tends to fall to the wayside when life gets busy or the festive season calls. But with some planning, being healthy can be done. Read below for the steps to take when you are getting back into exercise and looking to improve your overall wellbeing.

The best place to start is to keep a diary for awhile about your exercise and eating habits. You best be realistic, especially in cases of late nights or early starts and how you fuel your body at these times. The aim of doing this exercise is to identify any immediate patterns that are preventing you from losing weight or being more active. It might be as simple as having a breakfast packed in the fridge ready to take and have on the go, instead of eating out. Identifying the times of days where you can potentially make room for physical activity is also essential. If there are none, you will need to carve out time, change your routine and find a way to make time for it. Being active on most, if not all, days of the week is important even if some days it is only a walk.

Once you have a good idea of your schedule it’s time to get moving. Some people prefer to go all in and invest in a gym membership while other people might shop around and try a bunch of casual fitness classes. Whatever your style, give it time before you decide it’s not for you. This includes dealing with DOMS the next day – a good workout can leave you sore, but your body does adjust if done regularly. Strength training is also essential, even if you only want to lose weight. Whether it’s body weight exercise, Pilates, weight training or power lifting, you need to get those deconditioned muscles firing again. This assists with reprogramming that metabolism and will help with posture, strength and kick start visceral fat loss. For the completely uninitiated, you might even complete a certificate 3 in fitness to help you learn about the body and how to design a fitness regime that works for you. Otherwise, hire a personal trainer.

Diet wise, cutting back on treats is the best place to start. You can still enjoy your eating but the frequency of highly sugary, fatty and even salty foods should be reduced. From here, making your own meals is a good way to monitor your calorie intake.

Another option that forms a part of a body overhaul could be to invest in some cosmetic surgery. Once you have established a habit of healthy eating and exercise, attend some consultations at reputable clinics to address any remaining improvements that you want to make. Whether it is liposuction in Melbourne, or a breast lift in Sydney, a little extra tweaking might be that final touch to complete your new look, these days you can get the most subtle of fillers to a more dramatic makeover.

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