Creating an Innovative Tablescape with Aloe Vera

If you enjoy entertaining at home, you likely find yourself seeking interesting themes for dinners, including innovative tablescape concept. The reality is that if you think outside the box, you can come up a tablescape idea that will ensure a truly enjoyable and memorable event.

Odds are as you contemplate a theme and tablescape for your next dinner, you’ve not thought of aloe vera, in any way, shape, or form. In fact, aloe vera can prove to be part of an interesting dinner theme and even a worthy addition to a vibrant tablescape.


The Lowly and Yet Lovely Aloe Vera Plant


The aloe vera plant grows in the wild in tropical regions. In addition, it is not cultivated on farms, including in different locations in the United States. Moreover, aloe vera plants are also suitable for growing in people’s homes.

The aloe vera plant is a sturdy, succulent with fleshy leaves that are green to grey-green in color. A full grown aloe vera plant will be between 2 and 3 feet in height. However, young aloe vera plants can be maintained in small pots. The growth of an aloe vera plant inside a residence can be regulated someone based on the size of its pot or container.

Tropical Theme Dinner

An ideal use of a smaller aloe vera plant is as part of tablescape for a tropical theme party. Combined with there flora of a tropical bent, an aloe vera plant can significantly contribute to the authenticity of a tropical tablescape.

Southwestern Theme Dinner

At the other end of the meteorological spectrum, an aloe vera plant can be a great addition to a Southwestern (United States) theme tablescape, a tablescape design reflecting the dessert. As an aside, in the United States, aloe vera farms are located in some Southwestern states.

Middle Eastern Theme Dinner

If your dinner party will focus on foods popular in the Middle East, yet again an aloe vera plant can serve as a smart addition to the tablescape. There are some Middle Eastern countries in which aloe vera is a natively grown plant.


Aloe Vera Food Sampling Gathering

What not everyone realizes is that aloe vera is proving to be an increasingly popular addition to foods and beverages. People are adding aloe vera certain foods and beverages in order to enhance the health value of these consumables.

Another technique you might consider when it comes to a dinner party, and aloe vera, is to not only incorporate a plant into the tablescape, but make aloe vera the focus of the menu itself.

You can access a range of different recipes into which aloe vera can be blended as an additional ingredient. When it comes to food items, these can include appetizers, entrees, and even desserts. In regard to beverages, you can find concoctions that include aloe vera in both alcoholic and nonalcoholic selections.

As noted, along with the food and beverage selections, aloe vera can be incorporated into the tablescape as well. Perhaps attention can be paid within the tablescape itself to the manner in which aloe vera can be incorporated into food and beverages.


Aloe Vera Products Dinner


If you are sold on the use of aloe vera in products like cosmetics, lotions, gels, or ointments, you could build a gathering in your home around a presentation of these types of products that include aloe vera. The tablescape itself can be centered around not only an aloe vera plant, but a sampling of the consumer products that can be derived from the plant itself. One idea is to provide each guest with as special gift bag that includes a selection of products that include aloe vera in their formulation.


Aloe Vera Plant Place Setting


Another clever way to make use of young aloe vera plants is to include one at each place setting for dinner party. Smaller, young aloe vera plants are attractive and seem to radiate health and vitality. They are perfectly sized to sit atop a dining table at each spot designated for a guest.

Another trick to consider when incorporating a smaller aloe vera plant into a tablescape as part of individual place settings is to use the plant to present place cards. In other words, each individual place card can be affixed in some manner to small pot containing a healthy, young aloe vera plant. Guests can take their individualized plant home following your marvelous dinner party. They will have a vibrant plant that can provide them with access to fresh, wholesome aloe vera into the future.



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