7 Tips for Getting the Best Airfare

If you are like most people, you enjoy travel, but when you plan a trip, you have a definite budget in mind. You need to seek out ways in which you can contain the costs associated with travel.

One strategy that you need to concentrate on when it comes to planning a trip is to lower the costs of airfare. In this regard, there are seven tips that you need to employ to ensure that you obtain the best airfare.

Shop Around

A key tactic you need to employ when looking for the best airfare is to shop around. The reality is that in this day and age, many people no longer really shop around when they are on the hunt for the most affordable airfare option. They may use an aggregate site or app that theoretically pulls up the best possible airfares, but that is not the same as actually making the effort to shop around.

Keep in mind that some airlines will guarantee that the fare the offer is the best you will be able to find. If this is the case with an airline you prefer, take the time to see if there is another airline that offers the same flight for a lower price. In this way, you should be able to get your favored airline to knock down the fair for the trip you need or want to take.

Know When to Buy

There are two strategies that you need to consider employing when it comes to timing the purchase of an airline ticket. First, if you purchase well in advance of a planned trip, you are likely to get a decent fair. Second, if you purchase at the proverbial last minute, you also may find a good deal on plane fare.

Keep in mind that there is a fairly general practice in the airline industry to start fare sale on Tuesdays. Therefore, if you can arrange to do so, wait until Tuesday or even Wednesday to seek out the best possible airfare for your trip.

Be Flexible

Another tip to consider when you want the best airfare is to be flexible. There are a variety of ways you can be flexible when it comes to booking the best airfare. First, if you can be flexible with your departure or return dates, you will have a broader array of ticket pricing options.

Second, if you live within a reasonable driving distance of more than one airport, be sure to check out airfares from all of these airports. There can be some surprisingly significant difference in airfare pricing from one ticket to another.

Third ,there are many destinations the world over that have specific seasons when travel and visitors are at a peak. Another way you can be flexible is to schedule a trip to a certain destination in the off season. Indeed, you can end up saving a considerable amount of money by traveling to certain popular destinations in the off season.

Check Out Discount Airlines

Some discount airlines do make their fares available through flight aggregators and booking sites. However, you need to keep in mind that not all discount airlines take this course. There are discount airlines that only make their fares available at their own websites. This includes Southwest and Allegiant Air. Therefore, when you are looking for flight options from discount airlines, you need to make sure that you checkout the websites of specific discount airlines.

Sign Up for Airline Email Feeds

One of the best ways you can stay on top of the best airline fares is to sign up for individual airline email feeds. By signing up for airline email feeds, you will have access to the most up to date information about bargains and deals when it comes to airfares.

You may want to take the process a step further. Set your email account to send you a notification when an email regarding airfares is received.

Incorporate Twitter in Your Bargain Flight Monitoring

Include Twitter in your efforts to monitor the best deals on air flights. Make sure you follow @Airfarewatchdog on Twitter. This Twitter account tweets general information about bargain flights. In addition, @Airfarewatchdog tweets promo codes that can prove helpful in saving money on airfare.

Pay Attention to Extra Fees

Finally, when purchasing discount tickets, make sure you check to see what extra fees might be charged. There is a considerable difference from one airline to another when it comes to base airplane tickets and extra fees that are charged by a certain airline.

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