Yoga leggings and more – Essential items for class

Once I had signed up to my first Yoga class I was excited to get started. One thing I did learn immediately was that you have to be be prepared with all the necessities.

The best yoga studios out there today will provide you with most equipment such as; block, the straps and bolsters. Despite the studios being well equipped, there are several items out there that you can bring along to make the whole yoga session much more comfortable and fun.

Quality Yoga Leggings

Yoga leggings for women should always be a careful choice. You will be doing many different movements, so you want to make sure your leggings are super comfortable and make you feel confident. They’re also a great gift idea if you know someone who’s a yoga enthusiast. If you’re not sure where to start just hop on the internet and read some reviews from fellow shoppers.

Your Mat

If you’re a complete beginner and just making a start then you can go along without a mat because the studio will have one for you to borrow. I feel that the number reason for bringing your own mat is because it will be only you that has used it, and you will control how clean it is. I mean, it doesn’t matter how spotless you keep – any germs on there will be yours!

Your Towel

You’ll be able to use hand towels that are provided during your class, but I much prefer bringing along my own towel. I picked up a really absorbent, no slip towel specifically designed for yoga. It’s great to put over my yoga mate during hot yoga, the sweat is caught and there’s no chance of me slipping around.

A Bottle of Water

If you haven’t tried yoga you might think that’s it’s pretty simple and really not strenuous, and you’d be wrong. Make sure you have a bottle to hand which you can sip between different sequences, this will prevent any chance of dehydration. Don’t buy a new bottle each day, your best option is to by a useable bottle that is easy to open and drink from.

A Healthy Snack

It’s always essential to have a snack that you can eat pre or post yoga class. You might be rushing to class or having to sprint out to meet friends once finished, so a snack can be a much needed source of energy. I always go with a healthy bar, some nuts like almonds or a banana.


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