Skincare advice for men

Here’s an article for all the gents out there looking to keep their skin looking great and also get the attention of those you’re hoping to impress. If you’re daily routine is splashing your face with soap and water, then running out the door, it is time to change your game plan!  I am not saying that you have to fill the bathroom cabinet full of creams and lotions because you won’t use them all. I do however recommend that you take a look at my skincare tips, practice them and then repeat.

I am not throwing out a load of tips that are meant to intimidate you, these tips are there to perfect what you are already doing.

Use A Good Facial Cleanser

This is an absolute must, but the fact is some of us are doing it incorrectly or maybe not even doing it. All us guys are definitely guilty of having extremely hot showers, buying harsh soap and also scrubs. All of these will make your skin dry, this in turn makes it wrinkly and older. Read some health product reviews for men to make sure you find a great cleanser.

Ditch the cheap razors

I know it’s always nice to get a bargain but we must stop buying cheap razors – I was very guilty of this in the past. A good quality razor has the potential to last a lifetime, so make sure you choose wisely. If you have sensitive skin your skin will be grateful if you choose a quality razor. Nowadays there are razors with several blades, it’s been suggested that these are not the best option because they can cause ingrown hairs and irritation. The best time to shave is either in the shower or straight after you finish one, this also gets rid of a messy sink if you have company.

Don’t forget the moisturiser

Facial hair is now in fashion and it seems that it makes a man more attractive in 2017, but you don’t want your face to feel as rough as sandpaper. If you moisturise your face on a daily basis it will feel soft and certainly very kissable. I personally love Clinique because it suits my sensitive skin, don’t buy the first one you try because there are lots of options out there.

What skincare tips would you like to share? Please just pop your thoughts down in the comment section below.

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