Top city breaks for artists

Some artists work best in quiet, secluded places, but others thrive when everything around them is buzzing. A thriving arts scene, creative atmosphere, and abundance of galleries to look at and draw inspiration from can all be valuable creative triggers.
There are a number of cities around the world with plenty to offer for artistic holidaymakers. Taking a city break can be a great chance not only to produce new and interesting artwork, but to inject your future art with new and interesting ideas. Whether you are a professional artist or simply a passionate amateur, a city break can give you a valuable boost.

Preparing for a city break

When visiting any city, you can be sure there will be a lot to do. It is important to look into the options before you travel and have at least a rough itinerary prepared before you go. Which landmarks, galleries, or areas do you want to visit?
It is also a good idea to stock up on art materials before you travel. Otherwise, a flood of inspiration may lead you to quickly run out of something vital. Art supplies are often best purchased online from a retailer such as. Buying online in this way gives you access to an extensive range, yet makes it easy to browse and order.

Paris, France

Paris is one of the most famous cities for art enthusiasts. For many years creatives of every kind, including artists and writers, have flocked to be part of the city’s lively arts scene. A creative atmosphere and unique culture are invaluable assets for those of a creative nature. I first discovered how special Paris was after using a Lyon car service to take me there.

As a result of this vibrant arts community, the city also offers a huge range of galleries and museums to provide inspiration. These range from small, independent exhibitions from talented yet little-known artists to the 6,000 masterworks of the Louvre. Paris is essentially the go-to location for artistic types of every shape and style, and this status is well earned.

Brighton, England

Brighton has a well-earned reputation as a bohemian city where the unique and the unusual are free to thrive. As a result, the city’s arts community is large and lively. Like Paris, it boasts a huge range of galleries to furnish artists with inspiration, containing works that run the gamut from non-name talents to celebrity masters.

A trip to Brighton will see you surrounded by art in every form. Street art installations, both temporary and permanent, are a familiar sight to the residents. Countless art spaces are found throughout the city, and there will be no shortage of fellow artists to be found. The thriving arts scene is further boosted by the presence of a number of educational institutions with a focus on art. This is a major draw for talented young artists looking to develop their skills, and further drives the lively, creative atmosphere of the city.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna has long had a reputation as a centre of arts and culture in Europe. At times, it has rivalled Paris as a go-to destination for young, upcoming talents keen to make it in the world of art. As such, Vienna offers much for the artistic holidaymaker.

As well as an artistic atmosphere, the city offers a range of galleries and museums to provide inspiration. Notably, the Museum of Fine Art is considered one of the most important buildings of its type in Europe. Prestigious art academies also draw in younger artists full of fresh ideas, many of whom stay on to remain part of the city’s lively arts scene after they have finished developing their skills through formal education.



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