Why Yoga is the new powerlifting!

It is time that the big-boys of the gym who love to lift the heavy weights and growl their way through gym sessions started to change their minds about other forms of exercise, namely yoga. That’s right, no longer is yoga just for the soy boys and hippies of this world, it is also an exercise that can help even the toughest of tough men to improve their muscle mass, their conditioning and their form. You may think that you are far too alpha to be be getting involved with some yogi who drinks wheatgrass but read on and I will show yoga, combined with your workout can seriously help you to workout better.

Get Bulked

Whilst you may think that the only way to get real gains when it comes to muscle building is to lift heavy weights but yoga can really give your workout a huge boost that can help you to get bulked up. Even sports stars like Lebron James have added yoga into their workout for this reason and if its good enough for Lebron, it should be good enough for us mere mortals. Yoga helps in this capacity because it only uses the body’s natural weight to give the sculpted and bulkier shape, yoga helps to keep the muscles both lean and flexible whilst they grow.

Injury Avoidance

As someone who has lifted weights for many years I can not tell you just how many people I have seen causing themselves injuries because of bad form or too much or too soon. Adding yoga to your workout can greatly help you to reduce the risk of injuries because of the way in which it works out the whole body rather than just individual muscles like lifting. During a yoga workout you will work the big muscle groups and the small muscle groups which gives you better condition overall, thus preventing injuries when you go too big with the weights.

Core Strengthening

It doesn’t matter if you have biceps the size of Baltimore, if you have a weak core then you will always struggle to lift heavy weights. This is why yoga is such a good idea because all of the exercises within yoga are built around the strengthening of your core. This core workout will enable you to lift bigger and grow muscle faster.

Muscle Tone

A regular complaint amongst powerlifters is that they do not have the definition or muscle tone which they are looking for after bulking up. If however you were to incorporate yoga into your exercise routine, you will be able to use this to add the definition that you are looking for. Because of the way in which yoga works throng body movement, poses and bodyweight strengthening exercises, you will see a real difference in your muscle tone in no time at all.

Yoga is not just for the hippies and wheatgrass drinkers of this world, it is for everyone and you can benefit greatly from adding it to you workout.

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