Is Vegetarian healthier than meat-eating?

There are more vegetarians and vegans in the world than ever before has more and more people feel concerned about the way that humans are consuming animals. It has long been said however that vegetarians are unable to live as healthy a life as meat eaters because of the nutrients that they will be missing out on. As research has continued throughout the years, we now know a great deal more about the disparity in health between meat eaters and vegetarians and here is what we have discovered so far in terms of who is healthier.

Who is Healthier

The truth about who in fact is healthier between meat eaters and vegetarians is a tough question to answer because it really depends on how you eat. We now have the plan-based foods which vegetarians can eat to make up for the proteins, irons and other nutrients which they miss out on as a result of them not eating meat. However, if there is a vegetarian who is not aware of the nutrients that they are missing out on then they most certainly will not be healthier. The answer to the question in reality is that vegetarians are healthier than many meat eaters when they eat in the right way.


The risk of illness in both meat eaters and vegetarians based on the food they eat must be analyzed when discussing a question such as this. For meat eaters, the biggest threat to them is red meat and the fact that it has been recognized by the World Health Organization as being directly linked to cancers of the liver and the stomach. Equally however vegetarians can face great problems if they do not take some supplements which are required to maintain their levels of things such as B12 and iron.


There is often a misconception that a vegetarian diet is somehow much lower in fat than a meat diet but this is not always the case. Meat substitutes such as soya and tofu are low fat but beans, cereals and nuts often have very high fat content. The difference with the fat that you can find in meat is that these are saturated fat and much worse for your body than the oily, fatty acids that you will find in plant-based foods.


Vegetarians can count on a much higher amount of vitamins in their daily diet than meat eaters because of the plant-based replacement that they use for meat. Once again however this is difficult to measure as there is nothing stopping a meat eater from eating the same plant-based products as a vegetarian.

The answer to the question is that meat eaters are the healthier of the two groups. The reason behind this is that there is nothing that a vegetarian can eat that a meat eater cannot and one could have an excellent plant-based diet, with the occasional portion of meat.

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