A 20 minute home workout

Something that always frustrates me is when I speak to people about exercise and they tell me that they do not have the time. I understand that not everyone has 2 hours each day that they can use to go to the gym, but to say that they have absolutely zero time in their day to workout? That is something that I can’t get my head around. I believe that in most cases it comes down to willingness and the simple answer is to just get off your butt and do it. If your time is at a premium, here is a workout which you can do in just 20 minutes.


Warm Up

It is vital that you get your muscles and joints warmed up so that you don’t cause yourself any injuries during your workout. You should be doing 3 minutes of simple stretched to your legs, your arms and your shoulders in order to get ready for your workout.


The cardio exercises in this workout will be jumping jacks, standing punches, skip rope and butt-kicks. We will alternate the cardio workout in with the strengthening workout so that we can achieve a full body exercise. Here is how to complete each of the cardio sets.

Jumping Jacks – Star shaped jumps into the air, both arms and legs nice and wide.

Standing Punches – Squat down into a seated position and punch directly in front of you.

Skip Rope – Essentially simulating skipping without the rope,

Butt Kicks – Running standing on the spot and ensuring that your heels hit your butt with each step.


In order to ensure that we get a full body workout in a short space of time, here are the strengthening exercises which we will be doing.

Press-ups – Toes and hands on the ground and take your body down and back up again.

Sit-ups – Lay with your back on the ground, hands behind your head and sit up using your abs.

Squats– With your hands behind your head and legs apart, simulate sitting down as far as you can and then stand back up again.

Leg Lifts – Lay with your back on the ground, keep your core tight, lift your legs and hold for 5 seconds before repeating.

The Workout

In order to maximize the workout we are going to start with 2 minutes of cardio, followed by 1 and a half minutes of strengthening, continue this process until you have completed all of the sets. If you have trouble with any of the movements simply try your best to get through it, you will soon see this improve the more that you do it.

Warm Down

Finally we are going to have a 3 minute warm down, sit on the floor with your legs spread as wide as possible and reach slowly for your toes. Once you have completed this on both feet, stand up and stretch out your shoulders and your hamstrings. Repeat these steps for the 3 minutes.

And there you have it, 20 minutes of your life spent and you have a full body workout.

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