5 Foods you should be avoiding!


Whether or not you are on a health kick, there are some foods that exist which you should always try your best to avoid. Not being a healthy eater does not mean that you should be the polar opposite and if you want to avoid putting on weight and running the risk of a wide variety of body damaging illnesses, here are 5 foods which you should be avoiding.

Whole Wheat Bread

Despite the way in which it is marketed, whole wheat bread is not the healthy option that you think it is and it should be avoided if you can. Not only is bread pretty fatty anyway, the whole wheat version can cause you a great number of issues. The reason for this is that the wheat which is grown these days is grown with the use of GMOs and fertilizers which have altered the characteristics of the wheat. This change in the growth of wheat has lead to problems such as celiac, asthma, acid reflux and skin disorders.

Processed Meats

Not only is processed meat absolutely filled with unhealthy fats, they also contain around 400% more sodium than unprocessed meats and around 50% more preservatives. Most of these processed meats will also contains nitrates and nitrites which are dangerous chemical additives that have been repeatedly linked to a long list of cancers.


Margarine was long considered the healthy spread given that it was made with vegetable oil and contains much less cholesterol and stay fat than butter. Scientists have now discovered that dietary cholesterol is not the devil that they once thought it was and the tables have turned on margarine. As it happens, margarine is high in salt content and it also features a great amount of trans fats which are known to clog arteries. These trans fats can drastically increase your chances of heart disease and high cholesterol levels.

Microwave Popcorn

Harmless as it may seem, microwave popcorn should be avoided whenever possible because of the bag that it arrives in. The lining of microwave popcorn bags are coated with a chemical called perfluorooctane sulfonic acid which has recently been shown to greatly affect fertility, cancer risks, kidney function and liver function. If you must eat microwave popcorn, ensure that you check the back of the packet so that you can ensure that this acid is not present in the packaging.

Processed Cheese

How the manufacturers can get away with calling this abomination cheese is beyond me and if you care about your health, you should stop eating processed cheese. This product is a creation that has been made in a  factory to resemble cheese and it is packed with sodium and fats which are more akin to a high-fat meat than anything which a dairy could produce. The emulsifiers and powders that are used in this product also have suspicious impacts on your health and many of them can have grave consequences if you consume too much.

Eating healthy is always the best option but if you cannot, make sure that you at least avoid these foods.

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